Body & External Trim

Every body shell built by Ultimate-Mini is crafted to the highest standards. Our team offer their expertise and enthusiasm to each and every car. This is evident in the quality of the final product.

The signature Ultimate-Mini attention to detail is applied to every aspect of your Mini, and the results of this are among the best to be found anywhere.


Particular attention is paid the panel fitment. Quality of panel ‘gaps’ and fitment on an Ultimate-Mini far exceed that standard at which the car left the factory, resulting in a quality feel to the finished product, and a rather satisfying ‘clunk’ when the door is shut !

Once again, attention to detail is key to our high-quality paint finish. In fact, we know that one of our cars is still receiving the top prize for ‘Best Paint In Show’ a staggering 15 years after completion, with no additional paintwork required after purchase !

The choice of external trim allows the car to be tailored to suit individual tastes. Nudge bars, Mk 1 style bumpers with over-riders and Mk 1 style front grille create a ‘retro’ image and wheel arch extensions can be added to suit taste and wheel choice. The ever popular ‘bullet’ racing mirror can be specified, with either wing (fender) mount or conventional door mount. The list is not exhaustive, and we are happy to create unique styling parts, to help you realise your dream.

A full length sunshine roof is also an option for those long hot summer days, and auxiliary lighting for those cold winter nights !


Internal Trim

Your Ultimate Mini can have an entirely bespoke interior. Popular choices include two-tone vinyl, complimentary to the paint colour chosen for the car, pictured left. But the choice is yours !


Another popular option is a full leather interior, with full polished walnut dashboard and door cappings, magnolia gauges, trim piping and gaitors with a stunning dished woodrim steering wheel. This creates an opulent Mini driving experience.

Instrumentation can be tailored to suit you, with the traditional early Mini centre binnacle complete with gauges to suit you, or the later design three-clock arrangement seen on the 1275GT and injection models. The choice is yours !

Alloy Door Furniture We can offer a variety of interior accessories, including alloy or walnut door furniture. Matching gear knobs complete the picture.


Engine / Gearbox

Ultimate-Mini is able to offer a variety of engine and transmission options to suit every owner. Our custom built range starts from standard engines through to powerful, yet useable, modified units.

All our engines, regardless of specification, are built with meticulous care and attention.


Chose between 998, 1293 or 1380 engine sizes. Each unit is built using components that will suit the way you intend to use the car.
We offer alternative carburation and exhaust options to compliment your choice of engine.

You may choose to go for twin SU’s to improve the breathing. These are offered in either 1.25″ or 1.5″ to suit the engine specification. For the bigger unit, the 1.75″ HIF SU is a possible alternative.

For competition purposes, a variety of Weber carburetors can be fitted, including single, split and downdraught configuration.


Each gearbox is reconditioned prior to installation and can be built with the customers choice of differential ratio. We are happy to assist in suggesting which ratio would best suit the use of the car.

For competition use, straight-cut gears are available and limited slip differentials.

Suspension & Brakes

The Mini is renowned for its crisp handling. However, until you experience one of our cars, your have not experienced the Ultimate-Mini. The choice of wheel is up to you, we will always recommend the 10″ diameter because without a doubt, this configuration gives the finest handling characteristics.

We can offer our own special set-up of suspension, or you can specify adjustable parts. This allows you to set up the ride height and shock absorber rates to your own preferences.

The majority of 10″ wheeled Minis used drum brakes as standard. These work perfectly well when maintained properly, but if you were to specify a performance engine option, disc brakes are accepted as being essential. Ultimate-Mini are able to offer a choice of braking options.The standard 7.5″ Cooper S arrangement, with a servo, works very well in most circumstances. This would normally be offered with the spacer drums on the rear.

Alloy finned rear drum Alternatively, you may prefer even more efficient braking with drilled discs and aluminum 4-pot calipers. Aluminum finned drums on the rear would complete the ultimate braking set up.


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