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British Mini repair, maintenance, tuning, servicing and restoration by Woodbridge Classic Cars.

Mini Brakes

Original cars command the standard drum brakes up front, and we are privileged enough to have all variants in stock here at Woodbridge Classic Cars. However, for those with more high-performance driving in mind, we really would recommend upgrading. The 7.5”, Cooper ‘S’ setup teamed with a correct remote servo is the ideal package for those with 10” wheels and fast road driving in mind, whilst track use may necessitate custom alloy callipers and high performance pads. If 12” or 13” wheels are the order of the day, then the sky is the limit and we can help you decide the optimum brake setup for your Ultimate Mini.

Mini Brake front disc

Mini Suspension

We have the full range of suspension components available for the classic Mini range. This includes some ultra-rare original, fabricated components.

Mini Brake front disc

When selecting the specification for your Ultimate Mini, it is important to keep in mind the purpose you have in mind for your car. Will it be a show-winning fast road car? In which case, the original rubber springs, used in conjunction with adjustable ‘hi-lo’ suspension kits should be the order of the day. If a track car is the order of the day, then perhaps coil-over, fully adjustable suspension is the order of the day. From fabricating and installing a beam axle, semi or fully space framed cars with custom suspension on all four corners, whatever your requirements, we can fulfil them.

Mini Engine and Gearbox

We have had the privilege of being involved with the classic Mini for many years. Over that time, we have developed what we consider to be the pinnacle specification for a ‘fast road’ Mini. Producing in excess of 100bhp, the onus really is on torque and drivability. It is not a collection of ‘performance’ components thrown together, so often resulting in a lumpy, unhappy engine. Each component is carefully selected to work in conjunction with the next, resulting in a silky smooth blend of outright performance, pleasant driving characteristics and reliability.

Mini engineMini carbsMini Engine block

We also offer a race engine service, specialising in UK short oval racing, with championship winning credentials.

If you choose an Ultimate Mini, we will also aid you in selecting a suitable final drive ratio to compliment your specification and requirements. We have the full range of differential ratios at our disposal, with 5-speed conversions also an option.


Mini Interior Trim

As before, attention to detail is the key to our interiors. When you order an Ultimate Mini, you can choose from a non-exhaustive range of trim, again from original trim to a totally bespoke interior. We can realise your dream. For instance, one of our more luxuriously appointed vehicles was upholstered to match our customers favorite jacket, with custom leather dash rails, steering column surround, door bins and parcel shelf. Popular options include the staple ‘Moto-Lita’ steering wheel, combined with period, two-tone vinyl, high-backed reclining bucket seats.

Mini Mk1 S02 Interior

Mini Body and External Trim

All our restored Minis are subject to the utmost care and attention. It has long been our ability to achieve perfect panel fit, the like of which is so rarely seen on the classic car scene that has set us apart. Doors close with the satisfying ‘clunk’ associated with cars many times the size of the humble Mini. The bonnet fits neatly between the wings, with a made to measure fit.

Ultimate Mini 1

The sky is the limit where body and trim specification is concerned. From period, original specification to OEM modifications, rally inspired replicas to modern modifications such as de-seaming and the frenching you can see in our gallery, the world is your oyster. Popular choices include the ‘Wood and Pickett’ style wheel arch extensions coupled with 6×10” Mini lite alloy wheels.

Mini bumper Mini bullet mirror Ultimate Mini 5 Ultimate Mini 6 Ultimate Mini 4

MK1 Mini

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The website is nearing completion, after a drastic overhaul by our friends at Accelerate Graphics. In the meantime, with the classic Mini scene receiving significant media coverage and with a ‘vibe’ surrounding it like never before, we would like to present to you Our aim is simple, we provide bespoke restorations of the classic Mini range, offering an unparalleled standard others should aspire to. Your car will be handled with the care and attention it deserves whilst in our care, and we aim to make you as much a part of the process as we are. The specification can be tailored to your exacting requirements, with no desire too ambitious, no modification too extreme, no original detail more strictly adhered to.

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